Want to be Featured on the Bricolage Facebook Page? Read On!

Here at Bricolage, we are all about helping to show off the vast amount of creativity that comes from the people of the University of Washington. We already have a journal to display literary and visual arts, but now we want to do more. There are many more forms of art that we have for the most part ignored: music, dance, even blogging! Bricolage really wants to help people whose creative mediums can’t be printed in our journal get exposure. So, every week or so, Bricolage will feature an artist on our Facebook page for all of UW to see.

How does this work then? What we need from you is a link (to a YouTube video or website) that demonstrates what you think is your best work, and email it to bricouw@gmail.com. Please only send one link to one piece (i.e. one YouTube video, one blog post, etc) because we are not accepting whole YouTube channels or websites as submissions. Work can be collaborative, like if you have a video of your band playing some sweet licks. Please also include a short bio (60 words or less, please) about what you do and your relationship to the UW. Right now we will only accept submission from current UW students, alumni, and faculty.

So fill up your lungs with some fresh spring air and start emailing us! We want to feature as many people as we can, and the only way that will happen is if you show us just how creative and amazing you are!

All questions and submissions should be emailed to bricouw@gmail.com