Get to Know the Issue 33 Staff: Paulina Alvarado Serrano

In honor of Issue 33 going to print this week, it seems like an appropriate time to get to know Paulina, the person responsible for the amazing layout and design of this year’s journal.

  1. What’s your role in Bricolage?
    • I am the Design & Layout Editor!!!!!!!!!!
  2. You’re on the Ave and suddenly become ravenously hungry. Where do you go to eat?
    • Thaiger room or Pagliacci
  3. What are you currently binge-watching?
    • I am not currently binge watching anything but the last show I did binge watch was Arrested Development. I hopped on that one a lil late lol so funny!
  4. What’s one of your favorite pieces of prose?
    • The Giving Tree
  5. What’s one of your favorite pieces of poetry?
    • Desiderata by Max Ehrmann
  6. What’s one of your favorite pieces of art?
    • L’etang des Soeurs by Paul Cézanne
  7. Batman or Superman?
    • Superman! He is just so classic and he can do anything and has hobbies besides just being rich lol
  8. You have to model your house after a building on the UW campus. Which one would you pick?
    • Law library
  9. What’s the best musical act you’ve seen live?
    • SBTRKT or Rodrigo y Gabriela @ sasquatch… I wish we could use emojis in this questionnaire
  10. Why did you decide come to the UW?
    • Well I was recruited to row for UW and I wanted to stay close to home :–)
  11. Would you rather skydive or bungee-jump?
    • Skydive. I’m not too into the idea of ricochet-ing
  12. What’s been your favorite experience with Bricolage?
    • Open Mic nights! I wish I could have been present for Erin’s rants though haha … also designing issue 33 ** heart-eyed emoji **
  13. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?
    • The Fast & Furious 7 lol not my kind of movie but I definitely shed a couple tears at the end
  14. Are you a sports fan and do you follow any teams?
    • I love futbol! I follow Cristiano Ronaldo and have since the 7th grade ❤
  15. Where’s your favorite place to study?
    • Zoka
  16. Besides Bricolage, what else are you involved in?
    • frickin Rainy Dawg Radio <3<3<3 What a fam. I also have done stuff for Grey Matters Journal, which is the Neuroscience magazine at UW.
  17. Pick five songs that would be included on the soundtrack of your life.
    • This is literally the hardest question evarrrr but Autobiography by Ashley Simpson (lol), Genesis by Grimes, Enter the ninja by die antwoord hehe they r so freaky, Californiacation by RHCP, && the way you move by outkast !!!!!
  18. Cake, cookies, or brownies?
    • All of the above haha
  19. Do you like scary movies?
    • Yes
  20. Have you ever broken a bone? How did it happen?
    • I broke my pinky playing soccer haha
  21. What are you majoring in?
    • Visual Arts and Art History with a minor in Architecture
  22. If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?
    • I would bring back Pongo from the dead
  23. Coffee or tea?
    • Coffee 🙂 or t’lattes 🙂
  24. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
    • I am a night owl but I appreciate an early morning 🙂
  25. What have you learned from being a Bricolage staff member?
    • I have learned that team work makes the dream work. Even if you wanted to do it all, the project can reach a higher caliber when the work is divided!
  26. What’s the first thing you check when you go online?
    • Instagram
  27. You can travel anywhere for a year without having to worry about money. Where would you go?
    • Spain, all over France, England, Japan, then I would end the trip in Tulum, Mexico.
  28. Are you afraid of clowns?
    • No not really unless they aren’t doing anything funny! Then I would be suspicious because that is their job!!!
  29. What’s your go-to snack food?
    • My go-to snack food is soy-sauce rice chips from trader joes… yuummmmmmmers
  30. Favorite class you’ve ever taken at UW?
    • Curt Labitzke’s Senior Studio!! That class was so fun
  31. Who always makes you laugh?
    • My father
  32. Advice you wish you had received as a freshman?
    • Take design pre-requisite classes during your freshman year, if not it’ll be too late!!!!!
  33. Plans for after you graduate?
    • Make dat Cash monayyyyyyyy $$$$$$