About Us

Name and Mission

A “bricolage” is something that is created from a variety of materials. We think this is the perfect name for our literary and visual arts journal because it acknowledges the diverse styles of artistic mediums and genres that we publish, while at the same time recognizing the concordant nature of our publication.

Our mission is to collect works of high-quality literature, visual art, and music and produce a professional journal showcasing the creativity of the University of Washington’s talented and diverse individuals and community.

Issue 36 Staff

bricoheadshots-5Managing Editor

Cameron Eldridge is a junior double majoring in Creative Writing and Philosophy. Born and raised in Southern California, she moved to Seattle for a change of pace and climate. This is her second year on the Bricolage staff, and she’s thrilled to collaborate with this year’s amazing team to create an equally amazing issue 36. Cameron wrote her first book in middle school and recently acquired representation for her newest novel from Jenny Bent of The Bent Agency in New York. In her free time, you can catch her working on her books between classes, playing with her pet ferrets, and pretending to know a lot about art while managing the other arm of UW’s creative community as the Arts & Leisure Editor at The Daily. Her dream is to have a dog of her own and her book on the shelves of Barnes and Noble by the time she graduates.



Associate Managing Editor/Outreach Coordinator

Hailing from the heart of the Midwest, Grace Novacek is a senior at UW majoring in Biology.  This is Grace’s first year on Bricolage staff; she is stoked to help create this years journal, after being a volunteer reviewer for last year’s edition. Outside of Bricolage, you can find Grace in the Bean Basket with her fellow UW Student Food Cooperative members or in the Rainy Dawg Radio studio playing tracks from Chicago-based musicians. Above all else, though, Grace just loves spending time with her best friends, loving family, and skittish dog, Caesar.

HeadshotDevelopment Officer
Gayatri Jaiswal (Nickname: Gaya) is constantly high on life. She loves a good conversation – whether with a stranger or a friend and thinks storytelling is the best way to capture anyone’s attention. She’s the Development Officer for Bricolage and her role includes managing the budget, invoices and fundraising among other tasks. She’s generally excited or passionate about something – if not, it’s definitely finals week. She’s a Foster student studying Marketing & Information Systems and has plans to join the publishing industry someday.


Prose Editor

Monalice Choi is a senior double majoring in English and Communications. She was born in Brazil, but spent most of her life in the Seattle area, drinking Starbucks and shunning umbrella-users. This is her first year in Bricolage, and she’s ready to take on all the excellent stories UW’s students have to offer. You can find Mona at The Daily newsroom, where she works as a co-Copy Chief, or hunched over in Suzzallo’s Reading Room, going over countless books and manuscripts for her two internships. She hopes to work in the publishing industry after college, and plans to escape—I mean, move—to New York after she graduates.




Poetry Editor

Sneha Mohidekar is a junior majoring in English: Creative Writing and minoring in Informatics. This is her third year involved with Bricolage, and second as Poetry Editor. She writes mostly poetry, and is regularly impressed by the creativity of strangers. Sneha grew up in Northern California, where she developed both an intolerance for weather altogether (although she has an irrational love for Seattle rain), and an arrogance about technology and coffee (equally irrational). In her somewhat sparing free time, she enjoys buying too many pens, adding individual words to her list of favorites, disappearing altogether into cafés, and falling asleep far too late. In the future, she hopes to learn to write stuff with her feet.




bricoheadshots-4Visual Art Editor

Aurora San Miguel is a senior studying Photomedia and Cinema. With her position as Visual Arts Editor for Bricolage 36 alongside interning at the Jacob Lawrence Gallery, she hopes to foster exchange of dialogue and empower communities through the arts. Her practice includes making videos, writing, publishing and listening to Bjork way too much. If she is not working, then she is probably working on something else.



Layout Editor

Becky Baron is a senior at UW majoring in Human Centered Design and Engineering (HCDE). This is her first year on the Bricolage staff as the Layout Editor. She loves Bricolage because it provides an ever-evolving platform for UW students from any major to experiment and highlight their creative talents. After two years as a volunteer reviewer, she is thrilled to have the opportunity to craft a beautiful publication and explore her love of the arts and design. In her free time you can find her marathoning tiny house YouTube videos, playing Ultimate Frisbee, tending to her growing indoor garden, and looking for the best scoop of ice cream in Seattle.