About Us

Name and Mission

A “bricolage” is something that is created from a variety of materials. We think this is the perfect name for our literary and visual arts journal because it acknowledges the diverse styles of artistic mediums and genres that we publish, while at the same time recognizing the concordant nature of our publication.

Our mission is to collect works of high-quality literature and visual art and produce a professional journal showcasing the creativity of the University of Washington’s talented and diverse individuals and community.

Issue 34 Staff


Managing Editor

Jocelyn Beausire is a senior double majoring Music and Architecture, with a minor in bagel tasting. In her studies of voice and design she particularly focuses on the intersections of experience, gender, space, and sound. She is almost excessively excited to apply her love of the arts and give others a platform of expression through her position as Managing Editor of Bricolage Issue 34.When she has the time, she enjoys comfort-testing couches, exploring modern art museums, listening to angry music, writing poetry, openly staring at strangers, speaking to dogs, and re-watching Freaks and Geeks.





Associate Managing Editor/Outreach Coordinator

Adriana Ortiz is a junior at UW who is majoring in Psychology, and a student in the Interdisciplinary Honors program. She is returning to the Bricoalge staff as Issue 35’s Outreach Coordinator after last year’s stint as Development Officer. Her excitement to be working on the journal has not wavered at all, and she is very much looking forward to the tackling the publication process with a new team. Adriana calls Hermosa Beach, California home and loves it just as much as her rainy U-District apartment. Outside of Bricolage, Adriana can be found working at the Simpson Center for Humanities, with the Executive team of Undergraduate Women in Business in the Foster School of Business, hiding in library corners, getting lost on meandering runs, and eating mostly desserts in cafes.


Development Officer

Caitlin Grady is a senior at the UW, double-majoring in English and communication. She hails from New Jersey, where she cultivated her fast-talking, aggressive driving, and abnormally high standards for bagels. Although she has avoided doing math at all costs since junior year of high school, she is pumped to put the FUN in fundraising and utilize some of her skills from past nonprofit work as the Development Officer for Bricolage. Outside of Bricolage, you can find her working at the Simpson Center for the Humanities, interning at the Port of Seattle, or proactively procrastinating by color coding events on her Google Calendar. In the future, she hopes to be working in communication for the public sector. And if that doesn’t work out, she’ll flee the country and open a 50’s style diner.



Prose Editor

Cameron Eldridge is a sophomore double majoring in Creative Writing and Philosophy. Born and raised in Southern California, she moved to Seattle for a change of pace and climate. This is her first year with Bricolage, and she’s thrilled to have the opportunity to read the stories of some of UW’s finest. Cameron wrote her first book in middle school and has spent the last few years engaged in an ongoing journey to get her more recent novel traditionally published. In her free time, you can catch her working on her books between classes, writing for The Daily, doodling in the margins of her notes while trying to study, and refreshing her email. In an ideal world, she would have a dog of her own and her book on the shelves of Barnes and Noble by the time she graduates. But in this one, she’d be good with just the dog.


Poetry Editor

Sneha writes stuff with her feet.



Layout Editor

Hi, I’m Jahan Hashemi. I’m a Creative Writing Major and DXARTS minor. When I’m not taking videos of weird textures and food, I’m probably eating Wayward or thinking about picking up some mac and cheez from Vegan Haven. So good.

I play guitar regularly and have been getting into making pedals. Other times, I’m watching Nathan for You, Rick and Morty, or maybe Action Bronson Watches Ancient Aliens with Friends For a Limited Time Only. If not either of those, I’m probably looking at art or making some in Photoshop. Or just hanging.