Journal Submissions

We are now accepting submissions for Bricolage Issue 35! The deadline to submit is Sunday, February 12th at 11:59 pm. 

You may submit in as many categories as you like. If you do so, please group your submissions according to category and submit them in separate emails and send them to the appropriate email address. For example, if you have three prose submissions and one poetry submission, the three individual prose files will be attached to one email and the single poetry file will be attached to a second, separate email. 

PROSE:   (e.g. fiction, creative non-fiction, anecdotal essays, plays, scripts)

  • You may submit no more than 2 entries. Maximum limit per entry is 10 pages, single-spaced.

POETRY:   (e.g. free verse, blank verse, limericks, haikus, sonnets)

  • You may submit no more than 3 entries. Maximum limit per entry is 2 pages, single-spaced.

VISUAL ART:   (e.g. photographs, drawings, paintings, design/graphic work) 

  • You may submit no more than 4 entries. Maximum file size per entry is 2MB.


Bricolage Literary & Visual Arts Journal only accepts unpublished submissions. If your prose, poetry, or visual art work has been previously published, we will not consider it for publication.

We will allow simultaneous submissions, but you must let us know when you submit that the piece is under consideration with multiple publishers. If your piece gets accepted for publication somewhere else, you must let us know immediately.

We DO NOT accept academic/research papers, critical essays, news articles, or technical documents.

PLEASE NOTE: For collaborative projects, it is the responsibility of the submitting writer/artist to obtain permission from each participant prior to submission.

If you do not receive a response from us within about a week after submitting, please email us to ensure that we received your submission.


  1. Make a separate document for each work you submit.
  2. Proofread and ensure that your submission is as free as possible from major grammatical errors.
  3. Format your submission to be 12pt font in either Times New Roman or Arial.
  4. Include your full name, your UW affiliation, the title of your piece, and your phone number at the top of each submission.
  5. Save your file in this format: “category—title of work—your name.docxExample: Prose—The Tale of the Husky—John Smith.doc
  6. Attach your submission file to an email. Make the subject line follow this format: “your name—CATEGORY” Example: Jane Smith—POETRY
  7. Email your submission to or


The visual art pieces you submit MUST be publication-ready files, meaning that if there is any cropping, centering, straightening, etc. work to do on your piece, that should be completed before you send it in for consideration. We will not do any of that formatting work for you. If you submit something that would need some clean up before it could be printed in the journal, the reviewers will have to evaluate your piece as is, which could significantly affect whether or not your piece is published.

  1. Format your publication-ready file as a high-resolution JPEG. You may compress files into a zip folder. No RAW files.
  2. Save your image file in this format: “category—title of work—your name.jpegExample: Visual Art—Huskies in Red Square—John Smith.jpeg
  3. Attach your submission file to an email. Make the subject line follow this format: “your name—CATEGORY” Example: John Smith—VISUAL ART
  4. Include in the body of your email your full name, your UW affiliation, the title of your piece, your phone number, and the following information describing your work–dimensions (in inches and centimeters) and medium. OPTIONAL: If desired, you may also include information indicating your inspiration for or location of the piece and a 1-2 sentence statement about the work. If your piece is selected for publication, this information will be published in a caption with your art.
  5. Email your submission to

If you are having trouble obtaining a high-quality image of your visual art piece, and you are a student, the University of Washington has cameras available for students to check out. You can find more information here:


If you have something like a photo series or a poem illustrated by a drawing that you would like to send us as one submission, please follow these instructions:

  1. Follow the formatting guidelines for prose, poetry, and visual art submissions above for each component of your multiple-part submission.
  2. Attach all components of your multiple-part submission to a single email regardless of category. (For example, if you have a poem illustrated by a drawing, attach both to one email.) Make the subject line follow this format: your name—multipart—CATEGORY1—CATEGORY2” Example: Jane Smith—multipart—POETRY—VISUAL ART
  3. Email your submission to each relevant category. Example: to send the below submission, email to both as well as